23 Unbelievable Creepy Toys

    15 – No need for the tooth fairy…
    Instead, this is a neat way to keep and treasure your child’s lost teeth. It’s the Tooth Monster Doll, and you can glue or sew the teeth inside the mouth of the doll. That’s just plain gross!

    14 – Jack in the box with a difference…
    To be quite honest, I find Jack in the boxes quite creepy. Even though you know it’s going to pop out, you still get a fright anyway. Kind of like toast popping out when you’re watching it. But for added scariness, this purple Blippy is enough to give kids nightmares.

    13 – May I have some more?
    Looks like it will fit in with Oliver Twist, this is the Little Miss No Name doll created in 1965 by Deet D’Andrade, a famous doll designer. The dolls have no shoes on, have a sac dress and a little tear drop on the face. They are collectors’ items now and there were many different designs of these dolls.

    12 – Brought to life…
    In Toy Story 3, sadly so – because if you thought it was creepy before, now I’m sure you find it even creepier! It’s the Jolly Chimp from the 50’s and apparently has teeth that light up and as an added selling point, eyes that protrude in and out. Makes you want to rush out and buy one right?

    11 – Slight oversight..
    Luckily kids don’t have dirty imaginations, but wouldn’t it just be slightly better if she was at least wearing some undies, instead of having a naked bottom?

    10 – Number 1 and 2..
    These are plush toys of poop and pee, and thought to educate your kids about parts of their body or maybe it’s to help with potty training, who knows – I would be pretty embarrased to get this for my kid

    9 – For kids and adults…
    This is one of the most phallic toys I have ever seen, and maybe a bored housewife has had to shake her head a few times when certain thoughts entered her head… and believe it or not, these wrinkly appendages are still available on Ebay at a price.

    8 – Baby’s Gonna Love this…
    I wonder if they thought that when they bought this creepy plastic looking baby with keys on the side. I’m really glad I wasn’t a kids in the 50’s and 60’s!

    7 – Just blow
    You have to wonder if the people putting all the pieces together were having a massive laugh when designing this inflatable toy. It’s brilliant, and must have caused a few grins and smirks from the unfortunate parents left to blowing this up!

    6 – What’s in a name?
    Would you buy a toy called Epidermit and that looks like this? I thought so! The covering of this Epidermit feels like human skin and the hair, as if it’s real. The toy enables the child to pierce and tattoo it, as if it were real. This is extra weird, apparently it runs on fuel cells and can be “stored in a state of forced hibernation in standard refrigerators” Whatever that means!

    5 – A punishment to fit the crime…
    The Shape Shifter Punisher is just ridiculous to see… I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face watching my kids playing with this toy. Apparently this toy transforms into a gun, but they must have been too far ahead in the production line to can it.

    4 – Not top of the Christmas Lists
    This pole dancing doll is just unbelievable … the box says the product is interesting and that the doll can go up and down, and round and round. The doll is thankfully fully clothed, but I doubt they will remain on for very long.

    3 – No sugar coating this…
    Because kids are totally ready to see one animal goring another… perhaps the perfect present for that kid at school your e not particularly fond of. Sadly though, this toy is no longer available.

    2 – It’s all fun and games…
    This pregnant baby just makes me feel squeamish. To make it more legit, there are stretch marks and even has water that breaks. These dolls are also available with twins inside…

    1 – Check things twice…
    A company called Lisy Corp bought a massive amount of small toys to pop into candy bags. They bought the toys from L&M import and didn’t actually see what they were ordering, or were perhaps sent the wrong order. They packaged around 14 000 lucky packets, with the toy inside. The toy clearly shows a plane between 2 towers and the product number was 9011. The insensitive toys were removed from the shelves after hundreds of complaints were received.